Unfair Hostility Towards SriLankan Crew & Other Services Fighting Corona Condemned


The brave SriLankan Airlines crew and other services fighting against  Corona (SARS Covid -2) Pandemic is regrettably subjected to severe discrimination and harassment says  former SriLankan Airlines flying crew member and 2020 General Election United National Party (UNP) hopeful Chrishmal Warnasuriya, and issuing a press release today (21) urged the public to  refrain from harassing or rejecting such brave employees and their families over undue fears over the Corona Pandemic.


“My fellow Sri Lankans!


During this uncertain time in our nation there are brave frontline warriors who are working to keep us all safe from this dreaded virus. Amongst them foremost are those brave SriLankan Airlines Crew, of which I was also a part of for 10 long years of my life and I’m perturbed to hear of severe discrimination & harassment they’re being subjected to during this Corona epidemic.


They, together with our security forces, medical staff & others are placing  their own lives and those of their loved ones at peril and risking much each time they adorn their uniforms; for you & I to be safe!


You may recall in particular the brave crew led by my own batchmate Farhan Haniffa of the pioneering rescue effort to Wuhan in China to bring back our students.


May I therefore kindly request you, if you can’t find it in you to praise their efforts, at least refrain from harassing or rejecting them and their families over Corona fears, but by all means stay safe! They do not deserve to be sidelined or ostracized by us.”

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