Sri Lankan Ambassador at Myanmar to step down?

We have reported that Sri Lankan Ambassador Professor Nalin De Silva to Myanmar is about to step down from his mission. Nalin De Silva has made a Facebook statement on his Facebook account about his plan to step down and the reasons behind.

 ✍ Anuradha Bernard

According to him, he has disappointed with his unsuccessful attempt to release several fishermen of Sri Lanka who have ben taken to the Myanmar Custody. And his long term failure to resolve the fishermen issues as well. Further he has noted that there is no one in Myanmar that he can personally raise the issue.

He had carefully used his word to avoid to mention anything about the current violence situations in Myanmar. Previously, Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Dinesh Gunawardhana had issued a letter to invite Myanmar Military Junta’s foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin to the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) meeting in Colombo at the end of March.

After that letter leaked into public, Activists around the World responded with a campaign called #ProtestSriLanka through out the social media. However, Sri Lankan Embassy in Myanmar stayed calm over the situation. Ambassador had written on Facebook about the internet connection issues, just after the military coup and nothing beyond it.

However, the Sri Lanka’s position over Myanmar’s Military coup is unclear yet. UN and International Media have confirmed dozens of civilian killings by Myanmar Military. So, there is no other democratic countries to accept the Military Junta as the official government in Myanmar. It seems there are only few countries like China or N. Korea would appear for this military Junta’s dictatorship and illegal taken over.

Whatever the Diplomatic War, United Nations and International Community need to response in a very strong way to save the lives in Myanmar. Further there shouldn’t be any chance to leave this kindergarten to future to take over the democratic government as that much simple.

However, even Beijing’s position over this situation is unclear and Kim will  follow their master after Beijing takes a side. Initially China blocked the UN security councils condemnation of military coup. It seems, just a short term basis decision and hopefully waiting for a favoring from China on public of Myanmar not the Military Junta who took the power by force, illegally.

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