SAARC Film Festival 2018 -The complete list of award winners

Best Feature Film – Halda (Bangladesh)
(Tauquir Ahmed Director)

It addresses serious environmental issues of real day-to-day Bangladesh life, emphasizing the struggle of the people through cinematic language. It’s about sustainability of the life of the rural people.

Best Director – Prasanna Jayakody (Sri Lanka) for 28 (Twenty-Eight)

It’s basically a poignant storytelling about marginalized characters. The director captivates the audience through very clever cinematic storytelling, continuously surfing on the cutting edge of irony and humor.

Best Actor – Mahendra Perera (Sri Lanka) for 28 (Twenty-Eight)

For his depth, realism and sincere heart-felt portrayal of his character who gradually releases his emotion and connection to the corpse.

Best Actress – Vaishnavi Tangde (India) for Kshitij (The Horizon)
(Child Leading Actress from Kshitij who played Vacchi)

For her honest, innocent and realistic portrayal of a little girl who wants to rise above her situation.

Best Short Film – GI (India)
(Director Kunjila Mascillamani)

By the presentation of cinematic language, the director is able to tell her story about the girl’s sacrifice for her grandfather.

Best Screenplay – Prashant Pandey & Shreya Dev Verma (India) for Poorna

It’s a ‘triumph of the spirit’ story with compelling and accurate narration of true events that project the hardships of climbing Mt. Everest.

Best Cinematographer – Enamul Haque Sohel (Bangladesh) for Halda

For the light and shadow interplay of the lives and drama of the people in the river Halda.

Best Editing – Amit Debnath (Bangladesh) for Halda

For its fluid and balanced flow of the story.

Best Sound Design – Sasika Ruwan Marasinghe (Sri Lanka) for Bahuchithawadiya (The Undecided)

It accurately reproduced the sounds of the environment and locations of present day Sri Lanka.

Best Original Score – Tauquir Ahmed, Pinto Ghosh, Sanzida Mahmood Nandita (Bangladesh) for Halda

For its beautiful conversion of traditional Bangladesh music into contemporary flavor.

Special Jury Award – Malaka Devapriya (Sri Lanka) for Bahuchithawadiya (The Undecided)

It is a daring movie that pushes the cultural boundaries of the traditional Sri Lankan values, in a humorous and accurate way.

Special Jury Award – Manouj Kadaamh (India) for Kshitij (The Horizon)

For its sincere and relevant portrayal of the need for education of the youths in India, especially young girls.

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