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Philipp Budeikin in court
The mastermind of a sick “suicide game” aimed at schoolchildren has been inundated with love letters from teenage girls addressed to him at a Russian jail where he is remanded in custody.

Philipp Budeikin is being held on charges of inciting at least 16 schoolgirls to kill themselves by taking part in his social media craze called Blue Whale which police fear is spreading to Britain.

The creepy Russian 21 year old – who has now confessed to the crimes, according to state investigators – says he thinks of his victims as “biological waste” and told law enforcement interrogators that they were “happy to die” and he was “cleansing society”.

The lethal game called Blue Whale involves brainwashing vulnerable teenagers over a period of 50 days, urging them to complete tasks from watching horror movies to waking at strange hours, and self harming.

Eventually exhausted and confused, they are told to commit suicide, and it is feared in Russia that dozens have done so at the bidding of Budeikin or other “mentors”.

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