Japanese culture showcased at the LNBTI Japanese Day

Beautiful bamboo trees line the side of the auditorium, creating a cooling canopy for the audience. Origami storks, colorful paper fans, paper flowers of dazzling hues, and Japanese flags hang from the ceiling and adorn the walls. Kandyan dancers usher in the guests of honor, while the attendees look on.

The Japanese Day for 2019 organized by the LNBTI was a tasteful riot of color, creativity and cultural veracity. Held on Friday, 5th April, 2019 at the LNBTI premises, the event drew a large crowd, many from schools and there was a palpable air of excitement. School children from around the country were present with their teachers, to witness and experience the culture of Japan. The students of LNBTI and its staff members, dressed in Japanese Kimonos, enthusiastically joined in the festivities. The event was conducted in English and Japanese, with two students conducting the proceedings in both languages.
The event was graced by the presence of His Excellency Akira Sugiyama-san, Japanese Ambassador of Sri Lanka, who was the chief guest at the celebrations; Prof. K. K. C. K. Perera, The Vice Chancellor – University of Moratuwa; Prof. W. D. Lakshman, Former Vice Chancellor – University of Colombo, Vice Chancellor of SANASA Campus, & Chairperson – LNBTI Advisory Board; Mr. P. Ranepura – Secretary, Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training; Koga Michio-san – Chairman of LNBTI; and Mr. Dinesh Saparamadu – Deputy Chairman of LNBTI.

Koga Michio-san – Chairman of LNBTI, making his address, said that he was happy to the see the increased numbers of students, and promised that the authorities would help the students make their careers in Japanese industries successful. He also mentioned that learning the language was of paramount importance because it was not necessary in Japan to speak English since everything can be done in Japanese.
Mr. Dinesh Saparamadu, Deputy Chairman of LNBTI, spoke about the origins of the LNBTI when he said that this was a dream of his and Koga-san’s, to impart knowledge on technology and the Japanese language. He also mentioned that a magazine dedicated to Japanese culture was recently launched.

A day of Japanese songs and dances by the 1st year students of LNBTI as well as students of Sumana Balika Vidyalaya followed. A Japanese tea tasting was also showcased after the refreshments. In addition to the main events, each floor of the building was decorated to showcase Japan and its beauty, coupled with exhibition stalls including kimono dress-point, Kanji writing, face painting, and information on Japanese festivals. There were also game stalls where the attendees could win prizes. The students who attended could be seen eagerly walking into the exhibition rooms and trying out the games and admiring the exhibits.

The Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI), a partnership between Sri Lanka’s prestigious hSenid Ventures and Metatechno Inc. Japan, offers specialized curricula in the fields of Information Technology and Software Engineering. The programs will produce professionals that are both highly qualified and capable of engaging in related employment in Japan and elsewhere in the world. Focusing on producing professionals informed by Japanese technology education, the LNBTI provides many courses that are geared to future needs.

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