“India-Sri Lanka Friendship” Logo design Competition


The Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, High Commission of India, Colombo, is pleased to announce a logo design competition on the topic/theme “India-Sri Lanka Friendship”. The details of the competition are given herewith.

(i) Topic: “India-Sri Lanka Friendship”


(ii) Terms and Conditions:

·         Age limit: Below 18 years as of 1st August, 2020.

·         Criteria of Evaluation:

o   Relevance :

§  The entry should align with the theme of the competition.

o   Originality :

§  The entry should exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination.

o   Aesthetic Quality :

§  The entry should command attention.

§  It should display visual balance and color coordination.

§  All the elements should work together to create a unified and appealing design.

o   Plagiarism can lead to outright rejection of submission


(iii) Language: Sinhala, Tamil, English


(iv) Registration and Submission:

·         There is no registration fee for this competition.

·         Participants should submit their logo design along with a copy of their school/college/university ID card or national ID card or passport on or before 20th September, 2020 via email to competition.svcc@gmail.com


(v) Prizes for winning entries include:

1.       First Prize: LKR 20,000

2.       Second Prize: LKR 15,000

3.       Third Prize: LKR 10,000


(vi) For further details, please contact the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre on:

·         Tel No.: 2684698 ; e-mail: iccrcolombo2@gmail.com

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