Inauguration of Tourism Study Programmes-2020, University of Colombo and “Reshaping Sri Lanka Tourism

nauguration of Tourism Study Programmes-2020, Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo will be held on 16th August 2020 at New Art Theater of the University of Colombo at 1 pm, disclosing the Evidence Based Research Findings on “Reshaping Sri Lanka Tourism: Emerging Global Tourism Demand and market Intelligence”.

The Emerging Trends and Patterns in Global Tourism Demand and Market Intelligence will be presented at this webinar with the current global best practices against the impact of COVID-19 on tourism development, addressing the new policy and management strategies and policy measures that can be applied for successful recovery and resilience building of Post-COVID Sri Lanka Tourism Development .

Professor Sirimal Abeyratne, Head of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo and Rev. Professor W. Wimalaratana, Former Head of the Department of Economics will be graced this event with key industry experts of the industry and prominent academics.

Prof. DAC Suranga Silva, Coordinator of Tourism Study Programmes said that it is undividable responsibility of any pragmatic study programme to make tangible and visible knowledge contribution for Sri Lanka Tourism to recover the industry from the impact of COVID 19 with a strong resilience building. It is high time for academics and intellectuals to understand this burning requirement of our nation formulate very pragmatic and practical solutions by providing an industry-interactive and application-oriented learning approach. Such pragmatic tourism study programmes must be inductive and should follow tourism education and learning with KSAA Model: (1) Knowledge, (2) Skills, (3) Attitudes, (4) Action.

Finally, Prof. Suranga said that this industry’s prosperity and sustainability will be determined only through creative decision making, innovative management, effective marketing and responsible leaderships. This can only be achieved through new breeds of industry professionals and decision makers who combine their industry expertise with excellent academic vigor. Developing such caliber of professionals in tourism and hotel management is a national responsibility at the moment. Understanding this national requirement, the University of Colombo, the country’s pioneer higher education leader introduces these tourism study programmes. The programmes are especially designed to sharpen the knowledge and skills essential for decision makers, policy designers, planners, researchers and hotel managers & marketers of the tourism industry. The programme is intended to provide an ideal platform for Sri Lanka Tourism to reach global excellence.

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