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Sri Lanka is one of the most vibrant destinations in the world. Hence, how can a virus can stop tourist exploring the beautiful nation. Sri Lanka as a nation adhering lots and lots of Health and safety protocols to secure the international tourist as well as the residents.

Since we open our entries to the biosphere. we’ve taken all the steps to guaranteeing that each preventive measure has been set in place to create your island getaway as safe, secure and peaceful as possible.

In your groundwork to discover the wild and delightful, I would like to bring your consideration to the ‘fundamentals you essential to identify ‘ for your safety as you create your way to a remarkable stay at Sri Lanka.

Are you or someone who you are known to travel to Sri Lanka ? Have you heard or do you know about the Safe & Secure Level 01 Hotels?

Level one hotel is a place that all international tourist who are vising under tourist visa and its optional or Dual citizens, Valid Resident visa holders & Sri Lankan passport holders who choose to come under the tourist route. On arrival they must take a PCR test at least stay 24h in a state mandated Safe & Secure Level 01 Hotel until a negative result comes through. Pay for PCR Tests is 40 USD per PCR test depending on the number of days of the stay. When applying for visa online and for insurance (12 USD) with one month cover of 50,000 USD.

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If you are vaccinated your mandatory quarantine period is just one day. But if you didn’t get the vaccine or if not, you didn’t complete the two weeks of complete vaccination for COVID 19 has to spend 14 days of a quarantine period in a level one hotel.

All these guidelines and protocols implemented by the SLTDA (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority) with the help of the health ministry.

The latest guidelines require no prior approvals from the foreign affair’s ministry or from the Civil aviation authority. Having been awarded with the Safe & Secure Level 1 certificate by the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority means that our team is well trained in COVID-19 health procedures to confirm that you, your loved once in your family and the neighboring community are all well protected.

The safe and secure certificate is being awarded to Tourism establishments and service providers that had been audited by the KPMG government appointed & internationally recognized an independent auditing firm that you met their requirement of COVID 19 Health & safety protocols. This certificate comes with a unique QR code. By scanning you can verify all the relevant key information.

Safe & Secure Level 01 Hotel is not just a quarantine center. In other words, Safe & Secure Level 01 Hotels are the accommodation units that welcome back the tourist to the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

After the Negative PCR result you will be able to explore the entire hotel property. You will be able to dine in the food and Beverage outlets, Utilize and relax at the mesmerizing pool & do use the gymnasium for your fitness. Also, you will be able to travel with in the Bio Bubble.

Travelers can visit approved tourist sites under the safety of a bio-bubble. Entire services of the hotel would be made accessible to the guests. But remember that you can enjoy all these features & facilities while obeying the Health & Safety protocols. Not only you but also these hotels assure your safety at safe & secure level one hotels.

As Tourists everybody would like to feels like a “paradise-bubble” with abundant space and freedom to move around and we have confidence in that this is what you are currently looking for a safe but gorgeous atmosphere where you are able to forget about complete the hassle out there.

Finally, I would like to suggest all the potential travelers to visit www.eta.gov.lk for more details & before you applying for your visa to understand about the guidelines and the documents that you required. And to find about level one hotels visit www.srilanka.travel or hello again website.

Stay safe, Travel safe & Live safe!


K.R.A. Gayathri J Randeni

A professional Hotelier

LCHSGA, PgDTEHM (UOC)UOC TMC, University of Colombo,

MTEHM scholar at UOC 

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