Who and What lost in Geneva UNHRC – by Dr Tush Wickramanayaka

I Am Heartbroken For My Lanka – A Day Of Mourning EQUALITY, JUSTICE, HOPE – The UN Charter begins by affirming “faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.” Sri Lanka lost the vote on […]

How poor countries develop rich countries

We have long been told a compelling story about the relationship between rich countries and poor countries. The story holds that the rich nations of the OECD give generously of their wealth to the poorer nations of the global south, to help them eradicate poverty and push them up the development ladder. Yes, during colonialism […]

U.S.-Chinese Rivalry Is a Battle Over Values

Great-Power Competition Can’t Be Won on Interests Alone. On the campaign trail, U.S. President Joe Biden pledged to put values at the heart of his administration’s China policy. Since entering office, he has called on the world’s democracies to gird for a new era of strategic competition with China in which they “work together to […]

People less likely to adhere to Covid rules after vaccination, expert says

People may be less likely to adhere to coronavirus lockdown rules after getting vaccinated, a leading behavioural scientist has said. Prof Susan Michie, the director of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change, cited evidence from previous vaccine rollouts, recent national surveys suggesting people would be less likely to abide by the rules, and evidence from Israel, […]

What you need to know about the new coronavirus variants.

Experts say new virus variants do not necessarily lead to deadlier forms of COVID-19 but they are more infectious. At about the same time the first vaccines against COVID-19 were being approved and acquired in December 2020, health officials in the United Kingdom announced the discovery of a new strain of the virus. Initial reports […]

The ‘superspreaders’ behind COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Investigation identifies people and groups behind some of the most viral misinformation about the origins of the coronavirus. As the coronavirus spread across the globe, so too did speculation about its origins. Perhaps the virus escaped from a lab. Maybe it was engineered as a bioweapon. Legitimate questions about the virus created perfect conditions for […]

Nine COVID-19 Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus, it is also fighting a different sort of epidemic: misinformation. This “infodemic” is just as harmful as COVID-19 itself, leading people to downplay the severity of the disease and ignore public health advice in favor of unproved treatments or “cures.” A recent survey by the John S. and […]

The top conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19

Since the coronavirus first emerged, the prolonged pandemic has lent itself to endless headlines about the virus; from its rampant spread across the globe, border closures, worldwide lockdowns and the hunt for a vaccine. But in times of crisis, conspiracy theories can spread just as quickly as the virus itself. The advent of the world’s biggest public […]

Hilton Colombo beckons you to Come Home for Christmas to relish a month of cheer!

Christmas is when nostalgia flows over, and where else to relive them but at Colombo’s favourite Christmas destination – Hilton Colombo, where long-standing traditions come to life in new and exciting ways each year. Walk in and lose yourself in the undeniable holiday vibe as you let go and let your inner child out. From […]

“Home for Christmas” – Gourmet by Mövenpick introduces their Seasonal items

Christmas is the perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones and is the season of joy and holiday greetings. With the prevailing situation in mind, Mövenpick Hotel Colombo introduces all their Christmas goodies on Gourmet by Mövenpick. The Hotel’s, delivery platform, offering Christmas cakes, goodies, festive DIY Hampers and Christmas family meals, all delivered […]