South Asia’s first election since coronavirus pandemic underway in Sri Lanka

South Asia’s first election since the coronavirus pandemic is underway in Sri Lanka as the country votes to elect a new Parliament. Voting began at 7am today (Wednesday) and will close at 5pm. Sri Lanka will elect a new 225 member Parliament at the election, which is being held under strict guidelines implemented to prevent […]

Sri Lankan Embassy in Beirut damaged in massive explosion

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Beirut was damaged in the massive explosion which killed at least 100 people and injured more than 4,000 others. The Foreign Ministry said that two Sri Lankans have been injured due to the explosion and the Sri Lanka Embassy is awaiting further information in this regard from the Ministry of Public […]

Over 70 percent voter turnout recorded

An overall voter turnout of over 70 percent was recorded at the close of polls of the General Elections 2020 held today. Voting for the General Elections 2020 commenced at 07.00 a.m. and concluded at 05.00 p.m. Polling was carried out at 12, 985 polling centres islandwide with 16,263,885 voters eligible to cast their ballots. […]

E-Future Tech Systems (Pvt) Ltd Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with a Bang

Sri Lankan Businesses Must Adopt Innovative Work Practices to Face Covid 19 In addition to ensuring a safe and healthy working environments, Sri Lankan businesses must innovate and adapt workplaces as the Covid-19 Global Pandemic has brought forward a transition in to on-line work practices while creating new vistas for freelancer and team-sharing platforms, said […]

Kasturi Chellaraja Clinches Helm of Pharma Chamber for Second Year

SLCPI President Ms. Kasturi Chellaraja Calls for deeper commitment by pharmaceutical industry to self-regulate. Prepared to partner with Government to collaborate and implement a fair pricing mechanism. Requests industry engagement to support the government in the curbing of NCDs in Sri Lanka. Lauds COVID-19 response by industry and partners.   The Sri Lanka Chamber of […]

Response to a Query on India-Sri Lanka discussions on financial matters

In response to a media query on India-Sri Lanka discussions regarding financial matters, the Spokesperson of the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka said that in the context of the situation concerning Sri Lankan economy’s external sector, the two countries have been engaged in close and constructive discussions on rescheduling Sri Lanka’s repayment to […]

COVID 19 and Bio-Politics: The Emergence of Tyranny

Monsters are no longer criminals because they violate natural law; criminals are monsters because they violate the norms of society.” Stone, Brad E. Foucault Studies 1 (2004). Much has been written about the coronavirus and its impact on global communities. Almost every continent in the world has been affected by the viral infection and millions […]

We must abandon the idea of elections anytime soon

Former Jaffna District Parliamentarian and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Spokesman M. A. Sumanthiran PC engaged in an informative conversation  with the “Daily Mirror” on  topics of current importance such as the impact of the  Covid-19 Pandemic, postponement of elections, imperative need to re-convene Parliament, legal validity of curfews being enforced, urgent necessity for drafting new laws […]

A Looming Constitutional Crisis, Courtesy Covid-19

This emergency has thrown open many a challenge. All of which were unforeseen At this time of crisis, it is imperative that the government takes all necessary action. But that action must be on the basis of the rule-of-law There is no gainsaying that Parliament ought not to have been dissolved on March 2, 2020. The […]