Sri Lanka Needs Rs 360B Investment to Achieve Safer Road Target

Sri Lanka will require an estimated additional investment of almost US$2 billion or approximately Rs 360 billion over the coming decade to achieve the SDG target of a 50 percent reduction in national road crash fatalities, says World Bank’s latest report. The scale of the additional safety investment required to achieve a 50 percent reduction […]

Sri Lanka Mobilizing Domestic Investment to Achieve SDGs

Country’s Private Sector Keen to Partner   For mobilizing domestic investment for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Government needs to develop different schemes of blended finance, non-state budget investment financing, and collaborative financing schemes. For such a mix of investment to be attracted, Ease of Doing Business in Sri Lanka needs to be improved […]

South Asian Economies to Benefit Over US$1T with Safer Roadways

South Asia’s eastern subregion, comprising Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal, needs to invest an estimated extra US$ 118 billion in road safety over the next decade to halve its road crash fatalities, says a new World Bank report, noting that this will bring US$1.2 trillion in economic benefits annually, equivalent to 3.75 percent of regional […]

‘Ayurvie Sigiriya’ , Theme Resorts & Spas reaches another milestone in Ayurveda!

Theme Resorts & Spas reaches another milestone in Ayurveda! (By Pathum Wickramarathne ) A lake full of water as clear as crystal. Adjoining the lake is a paddy field whose crops sway to the tune of the light breeze that sweeps through them. Little feathery flocks chirping on Passion creepers that weigh down with delicious […]

Sri Lanka 2020 Economy and Sector Outlook Seminar on 10 Feb

The Ceylon Chamber’s annual discourse on the year’s Outlook will be held at the Chamber Auditorium on the 10 February. Organised by the Chamber Academy, the event will focus on the macroeconomic outlook, trade prospects, and review of key sectors of the economy. The newly appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Deshamanya […]

නව ව්‍යවසායකයින්ට අතදෙන “සිටි බැංකුව”

කොළඹ ඩී.එස්. සේනා­නා­යක විදු­හලේ උගෙන, ‘සිටි’ බැංකුවේ ලිපි­ක­රු­වකු ලෙස වෘත්තීය ජීවි­තය ඇරැඹූ, රවීන් බස්නා­යක මහතා, තිස් වස­රක සිය බැංකු ජීවි­තයේ කූට ප්‍රාප්තිය වෙත පැමිණ, අද සිටි බැංකුවේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාව බාර ප්‍රධානවිධා­යක නිල­ධාරි තන­තුර හොබ­වයි. ජාත්‍ය­න්තර බැංකු­වක් ලෙස සිය මෙහෙ­ව­රෙහි යෙදෙන අත­ර­තුර, සිය රට උදෙසා ද කළ හැකි දේ පිළි­බඳ මේ කතා බහ පෙළ ගැසෙ­නුයේ රවීන් […]


October 13th 2019 – Colombo, Sri Lanka:  In its Global Luxury Consumer Report 2019, USA based Luxury Lifestyle Awards accorded Aditya with a placement at the zenith of the Top 15 Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka.  One of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, these Awards assures the critical global traveler an assurance of […]

Ethnic and religious tensions could ruin economy

Sri Lanka could be a failed state and a nonperforming economy if ethnic violence and communal tensions are not eliminated. Furthermore, the country’s capacity to service its large foreign debt repayment will not be possible if ethnic tensions and communal violence affect the country’s capacity to access international capital markets. National Dialogue These were some […]

Initiatives underway to demutualize stock exchange- SEC chairman

The Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka  Ranel T. Wijesinha noted that the Commission has taken some important initiatives to demutualize the stock exchange. “Will be seeking suitors from all parts of the world and will be taking only the best,” he said and added, “We think already the CSE is one […]

So strong and resilient Sri Lanka.

As Sri Lanka returns to normalcy after the tragic events of Easter Sunday that interrupted a decade of peace and prosperity in the island, Sri Lanka Tourism is illustrating what Sri Lankans are best at – moving forward. With authorities’ strategic operations carried out to contain the situation and the arrest of those responsible Sri […]