Integrated Stress Testing for Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment

            EY Integrated Stress Testing & Pillar 2 Risk Measurement amid Pandemic for ICAAP event to be held next Monday The stark reality of business’ bottom line was undoubtedly unearthed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand it created to hasten the response to transformational needs. Stress […]

Who and What lost in Geneva UNHRC – by Dr Tush Wickramanayaka

I Am Heartbroken For My Lanka – A Day Of Mourning EQUALITY, JUSTICE, HOPE – The UN Charter begins by affirming “faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.” Sri Lanka lost the vote on […]

Sri Lankan Ambassador at Myanmar to step down?

We have reported that Sri Lankan Ambassador Professor Nalin De Silva to Myanmar is about to step down from his mission. Nalin De Silva has made a Facebook statement on his Facebook account about his plan to step down and the reasons behind.  ✍ Anuradha Bernard According to him, he has disappointed with his unsuccessful […]

COVISHIELD COVID-19 vaccine will arrive on the auspicious Duruthu Poya Day

Made in India COVISHIELD vaccine will arrive on the auspicious Duruthu Poya Day. As such the High Commissioner, who had first arrived in Sri Lanka to take up his assignment in the Vesak Week in May 2020 with 12.5 tons of medical supplies as gift by India to Sri Lanka for fighting COVID-19 pandemic, prayed […]

Need to continue extreme caution against COVID-19: WHO

                                                        The World Health Organization today cautioned against any relaxation of response actions following the recent slight decline in COVID-19 cases in South-East Asia Region, saying the pandemic […]

Coronavirus does not spread through surfaces like door handles, scientist claims

Monica Gandhi, a Professor of Medicine at the University of California claims that coronavirus does not spread through touching surfaces like door handles and light switches… Now, experts from the University of California claim that the virus does not spread through touching surfaces like door handles and light switches. Speaking to Nautilus, Monica Gandhi, a Professor […]

English Tea Shop wins Great Game of Business All Star International Champion

Sri Lanka’s English Tea Shop, which markets premium organic tea to 50 countries, won the prestigious Great Game of Business All Star Award 2020 – International Champion having demonstrated a sustainable continuity in its business model showcasing profitability even through COVID-19. The Company inculcates the best practices of open-book management (OBM) which encourages a shared […]